The Best Way to Pack Your Wardrobe

Although moving companies can take a lot of the stress out of moving, they can’t do everything. To make sure your clothes are packed exactly right you should plan ahead. If you keep these tips in mind, packing your wardrobe for the movers should be easy.

  • Throw out (or, better yet, donate) any items of clothing you don’t need. If you’re the kind of person for whom throwing out clothes is difficult, throwing out anything you haven’t worn in the past year is one way to establish a rule.
  • Keep any essential clothes with you. If your move is going to take a few days, be sure that any clothes you might need for those days are separated from the rest and kept with you during the move.
  • Organize your clothes by season, purpose, and size. Organizing so thoroughly serves two purposes. First, it will make packing easier now and, secondly, it will make unpacking easier when you’re at your new place. By sorting your clothes by size, you make it easier to fit items in different sized boxes, maximizing your use of space. Once you’re at your new home, having your boxes carefully organized will help you decide which boxes need to be unpacked immediately and which can wait a bit, or even go into storage until the appropriate season.
  • Fold your wardrobe tightly before putting them in a box. Packing clothes is all about maximizing space. Because they’re made of cloth and can bunch up, clothes can sometimes take up a lot of unnecessary volume in a box. By tightly folding or rolling your clothes you can limit the volume they take up to an absolute minimum (don’t be too rough with delicate clothes, however).
  • Pack shoes separately. Shoes are often stored near clothes so it’s tempting to just throw them into the same box. You should pack your shoes separately in order to protect your clothes from dirt and maintain the shape of your shoes.
  • Special treatment for special clothes. Garbage bags work great for hanging clothes if you don’t want to invest in a wardrobe box.
  • Label your boxes clearly. Some people label their boxes for the movers by describing the area of the house the items in the box belong in the kitchen, bedroom, etc. When you’re unpacking, however, this doesn’t tell you much about what’s in the box. It’s best to label your boxes not only in terms of which area of the house they belong in, but what’s in the box as well. That way you’ll be able to unpack your belongings as efficiently as possible when you arrive.

Contact us today at Matco Moving Solutions to find out about all the ways our movers can help you. We may not be able to sort your clothes for you, but we can do just about everything else to get your belongings to your new home safely.

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