Proper Lifting Techniques when Moving Heavy Objects

Moving day is a busy and exciting time. Don’t put a damper on the experience by getting injured during the process, especially when it is so easily avoidable. The way you approach lifting heavy boxes and other household items can cause unwanted pain in areas like the neck, back and shoulders. Don’t risk the possibility of long term damage to your body or having to use up all your sick days because you hurt yourself.

One great way to avoid physical injury is to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. Matco Moving Solutions has been moving families and companies in Calgary, Edmonton and beyond for more than 50 years and their trained movers have the equipment and techniques to safely move any item in a home, no matter the size or weight.

If you decide to move your self, prior to lifting any boxes, ensure you ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you know what’s in the box? 

It is very important to know the contents of a box prior to picking it up. The fact is, a sealed brown box of exercise weights can look just like a sealed brown box of pillows. While packing, ensure all boxes are properly labelled. This will also help a lot after the move with unpacking.

2. Can you make two trips? Or Three…Or Four…

Don’t carry more than you can handle. Everyone wants the moving process to go quickly but the risk of straining your back or neck is not worth it.  If possible, break up heavy boxes and take your time. Having the proper equipment also helps. Using a dolly will allow you to move multiple boxes at a time with limited risk to yourself.

3. Am I physically capable of doing this?

To avoid unwarranted injury make sure you know and listen to your body.  If you are alone and unable to lift a box – do not lift it. Consider asking family or friends to help you or hire a moving company. Matco’s professional movers in Calgary can safely move all items in a home including appliances, bedroom sets, dining room furniture and more.

Proper Lifting Techniques

If you must lift a heavy object, ensure you take care and follow these steps to avoid compressing your spinal discs and straining your body:

  1. Stretch prior to lifting – If you are unsure how to properly stretch, check out online resources like Healthy Living to find great information on the best stretches to do prior to lifting heavy objects.
  2. Use Karate Stance – Keep your feet shoulder width apart with one foot slightly in front of the other.
  3. Squat – Bend at the knees and hips only.
  4. Posture is Key – Good moving posture is:
    1. Eyes ahead
    2. Back Straight
    3. Chest Out
    4. Shoulders Back
  5. Slowly Lift – Lift from your legs, not your back. Slowly straighten your legs and knees, ensuring you keep your back straight.
  6. Object Positioning – Hold the object close to your body at the level of your belly button.
  7. Use Your Feet – Change direction and take small steps with your feet, not by twisting and stretching your upper body.
  8. Lead with your Hips – Keep your shoulders in line with your hips when you move and change direction.
  9. Set Object Down – The same way you picked up the box, squatting with your knees and hips only, place the box back down.

Proper Lifting Techniques when Moving Heavy Objects

Remember to ask yourself the right questions and keep in mind the proper lifting techniques when moving heavy objects, there is a great chance you’re likely to have a positive and successful moving experience.

If you realize you are not capable of moving the boxes and heavy furniture in your home on your own, contact Matco’s movers in CalgaryEdmontonFort McMurray, as well as Northwest Territories and Yukon at 1-800-661-3618 today.

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