Pre-Move Garage Sale Tips

Sometimes we do not realize how much stuff we have until it’s time to pack up and move. If you find that you have many items you no longer use or just don’t want to take with you, a garage sale is a great way to purge unwanted items before your residential move.

Here are some tips on how to plan and execute a successful garage sale.

Check city by-laws

Some cities may require permits or have regulations. Signs advertising the sale may be limited or not allowed. If you are planning a garage sale in Calgary, AB there is a signage by-law that permits a maximum of three sale signs and signs must include specific information. The city of Edmonton no longer licenses garage sales but there are still rules that apply to garage sales in Edmonton.

Join forces with your neighbours

Consider a joint sale with one or two neighbours. Inviting other people to take part in the garage sale allows you to share the work and have fun. Having more items can attract more customers and increase your potential sales.

Pick a date

Select a date, and keep in mind that it will take about two months to prepare for the sale. Garage sales held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday generally get more people. It is also best to stay away from the holidays. Have an alternate date in case of bad weather.

Decide what to sell

Go through your home and make an inventory list of everything you plan on selling. At this time put aside collectables and items that can be used for the garage sale such as bags and newspaper to wrap fragile items.

Sort items for your garage sale

Put all sale items in the same place, this will help with pricing and seeing which items may require minor repairs such as adding a fresh coat of paint, sewing a hem or glueing a loose piece.

Make sure all clothing and linens are clean. Place clothing on hangers or fold neatly. Also, make sure sizes are clearly marked. Pair shoes together and mark sizes.

If you have items that are damaged or not working properly, consider giving them away for free – someone who is handy may be able to fix them.

Promoting your garage sale

Spread the word about your garage sale. Advertise in the local newspaper, on Craigslist and Kijiji and on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. List any big-ticket items you think will interest people. Tell people in your neighbourhood. You may like to consider the sale as somewhat of a going away street party. You can use the garage sale as an opportunity to spend time with your neighbours before moving.

Place bold signs on neighbourhood bulletin boards in grocery stores, community centres, laundromats, churches and bus stations.

The night prior to the garage sale, place signs in your neighbourhood with directional arrows and your address. Remember to follow any city by-laws.

Time to sell

Set up a check out table with a money box, newspaper to wrap fragile items, and bags to provide customers.

Most importantly, remember to have fun. Planning and running a garage sale is a lot of work, but can be worth the time and effort before a move. Recruit family and friends to help, play music to attract people, and use the time to mingle and say farewell to your neighbours! When you are ready to move, contact Matco Moving Solutions. We have been moving families in Calgary, Edmonton and surrounding areas for years. We want to move you!

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