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Packing Tips

How to Safely Pack and Transport Antiques

Glassware, electronics, art, china, and antiques all have one thing in common: they require extra care when moving. Whether you have an extensive antique collection or just one special piece, it is important to respect the fragility of these items when packing and [...]

How to Safely Pack China and Glassware for Moving

Packing china and other fragile items can be stressful. With happy memories of only using the china on special occasions and treating each piece with extreme care, you want to make sure you pack each piece safely. Your china is not travelling a [...]

Get Organized: Tips for Unpacking After Moving

Most people put a lot of time and energy into packing. Getting organized, purging unwanted belongings and bubble wrapping breakables get a lot of attention, but unpacking is often considered as an afterthought. After years of moving residents of Calgary and Edmonton, Matco [...]

Skip these Common Packing Mistakes for a Smooth Move

Packing isn’t a process that most people are looking to repeat after moving. For professional movers though, it is a part of daily life. Helping countless families and individuals move each year, it becomes obvious when we see clients struggle because they do [...]

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