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Moving Tips

How to Beat the Summer Heat when Moving

Summer is peak moving season. It is also the time in which temperatures are also at the highest and though there are many fun in the sun activities, moving is not one of them. Over-exertion in the heat can quickly cause heat illnesses [...]

What Can I Deduct on My Taxes After a Move?

Did you know that you can claim certain moving expenses on your taxes? The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) allows people in some circumstances to claim a variety of items after they move. This could help to offset the overall cost of relocation, so [...]

Keeping Hazardous Items Safe in Your Home

Storing hazardous items properly is imperative. You may not even realize that some items are potentially hazardous. However, many products in the home can be harmful if not stored in the proper way. Tips from Your Trusted Local Storage and Moving Company in [...]

Tips for Increasing the Value of Your Home when Moving Out

Selling your home can be a stressful time. Moving quickly and efficiently while trying to get the best sale price for your property is not an easy task. The average homeowner will find it challenging and not know where to begin making improvements [...]

Updating Locks When Moving to a New Home

After successfully moving into a new house, most homeowners think about upgrades and remodels to give their home a fresh, new feel. While a fresh coat of paint, new floors, window coverings and even landscaping may take priority, not many tend to think [...]

Proper Lifting Techniques when Moving Heavy Objects

Moving day is a busy and exciting time. Don’t put a damper on the experience by getting injured during the process, especially when it is so easily avoidable. The way you approach lifting heavy boxes and other household items can cause unwanted pain [...]

Tips to Help You Prepare for Professional Movers

Hiring a moving company is a great way to remove the stress of moving. It can be a relief to leave the heavy lifting to the experts. Professional movers can take care of the majority of moving tasks from planning to packing to [...]

5 Tips to Make Moving with Kids Easier

Moving a house full of kids is an extremely busy and stressful period for anyone. When you are balancing packing and scheduling with school pickups and sports schedules, it can become even more overwhelming. Along with the logistical concerns of moving, children can [...]

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