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Moving Tips by Matco

Edmonton Movers Highlight the Costs Associated with Moving a Piano

Moving a piano is no ordinary task. The beauty and elegance of this musical instrument are matched only by its size and weight, making it a challenging item to relocate. Whether moving across Edmonton or to a different city, moving a piano demands specialized skills, [...]

Calgary Movers’ Top Tips For Moving During Peak Season

Moving to a new home is an exciting journey, but it can also be challenging, especially during peak season. Peak moving season typically occurs in the summer and around holidays when kids are out of school and adults have time off. The demand for moving [...]

Why Hire Professional Local Piano Movers

A piano is one of those household staples that also holds great sentimental value. Before you decide to move a piano on your own, consider its value, both monetary and sentimental; would you be okay with losing or damaging it? You can easily [...]

The Complete Moving Service Industry Terminology Guide

Picture this: you’re getting excited to book your moving services in Alberta, and start the journey to a new home – but all of a sudden you start hearing terms like “Bill of lading” and “C.O.D.” and you’re lost. Worry not! This blog is [...]

Moving Services You’ll Need for Corporate Relocations

Chances are, in some way, you have been involved in a move before. If you’re reading this article, there's also a high chance that you’ve been tasked with hiring moving services in Edmonton for an upcoming corporate relocation. It can seem confusing, and it’s definitely [...]

Move into University with the Help of Calgary Local Movers

Starting your university career is not only super exciting, but it can oftentimes be filled with a long to-do list. You may be moving across the country to your university's student housing or a nearby apartment. Regardless of your situation, this blog will provide [...]

Studying Abroad? Hire Calgary International Movers

Studying abroad is one of those experiences that will undoubtedly change your life – the new places and people will forever impact how you see the world around you. But before you can have these earth-shattering experiences, you need to get yourself and your [...]