How to Safely Move Breakable Items

Moving can be a massive undertaking and take weeks, or even months to prepare for. Thankfully, Matco Moving Solutions is available in Calgary and Edmonton with movers on the go to help you in numerous ways. From setting up your pre-moving plan to partial or full-service packing, we can help you ease the challenges of moving.

One of the biggest dilemmas for families with limited experience moving is figuring out how to safely transport their breakables. Here are a few tried and true methods for your most fragile items:


Place a layer of bubble wrap around the entire mirror followed by a layer of corrugated cardboard. Place the wrapped mirror inside a carton or moving pad, ensuring it’s held securely in place and doesn’t slide around. As an added precaution, some people like to use strips of packing tape to make an X over the glass, allowing for fewer loose shards should the mirror break.


Start by taking a box (smaller is better) and filling the bottom with a layer of packing peanuts or scrunched up balls of packing paper. Wrap each piece of glassware in a sheet of packing paper and then place each item side up within the box. It is important to place items like cups and bowls upright in their strongest position. If these items are packed on their side, a break is more susceptible to occur as their weak points are exposed. When no more glasses will fit, fill in empty spaces between objects with more peanuts or balled up paper. Add a final layer of filler on top, then seal the box closed.


The very best way to pack up your devices is to use their original packaging. Following that, the next best thing is to get a moving box and fill it with packing peanuts. Wrap your device in bubble wrap, first ensuring that all removable components are taken off. Keep loose parts in a sealed plastic bag and place everything within the box. A layer of packing peanuts should be placed on top, ensuring a tight fit for your device.


The thing to remember about lamps is that you should remove the bulbs and shades before you pack them. With the shade and/or bulb fixed to the lamp, there is an increased risk for damages as there are more exposed weak points. By removing both the shade and the bulb, they can be wrapped to their unique shape and fully protected.

You should also wrap up cords and keep them spooled with twist ties or tape. If possible, removing the post from the base would also decrease the potential for breaks and damages to the cords. By having the four different pieces, you have more control over how to store, protect and adjust the items in the box. Use a layer of bubble wrap to protect bases, and go to your packing peanuts once again to fill up empty spaces within the moving box.

As a final step, be sure to label all boxes containing breakable items. A simple note on the box with a marker stating “breakable, this side up” is an additional precautionary step to take. This way, you know to take extra care while storing or moving these boxes.

Let Us Do the Packing

Serving Calgary, Edmonton and beyond, Matco Moving Solutions is available to simplify your move. More than just movers, we can also provide full or partial packing services for your upcoming move. If you have many breakables or just want to leave the stress behind, allow our professionals to pack your items for you. Contact us for a free estimate on packing or other residential moving services.

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