How to Pack Up Your Liquor Cabinet

Packing your liquor cabinet is a delicate task that requires precision and careful attention to detail. Your bottles of wine and liquor can be extremely expensive, so it’s important that you take the time to pack your cabinet properly to avoid damaging any precious bottles in your collection.

At Matco Moving Solutions, we make sure your valuables are properly packed and stored in controlled temperatures to maintain their proper condition. Here is a list of things that need to be done in order to successfully pack up and move your liquor cabinet.

Take an inventory of your bottles

Before moving any item, it’s always good to take an inventory of everything you have to move. Liquor bottles are heavy and can be difficult to transport. Take note of all the bottles you want to keep and consider trying to give the others away to family and friends before you move.

Have the right supplies

When it comes to wine, most moving companies will have speciality boxes you can use that will make the transport of your bottles far easier. Bottle sizes vary, so make sure that you get the correct ones that correspond to the bottles you have. Also, be sure to have an abundance of packing tape and wrapping paper.

Each bottle should be individually wrapped

Even if you are planning to store these bottles in boxes once they make it onto the truck, it’s a good idea to wrap each bottle individually as an extra precaution throughout the course of the move. If you are planning to move bottles that have been previously opened, be sure to properly seal them before wrapping and moving them onto the truck.

Secure the base of each box

Even if you’ve purchased specialized boxes for your bottles, the base of the box can be flimsy and unstable. Make sure you secure the box and that it’s taped at all the openings. As an added precaution, add packing paper until you can no longer hear any bottles clanging together when you load them onto the truck.

Hire professional movers

When in doubt, leave it to the professionals. At Matco Moving Solutions, our friendly and competent staff will ensure that your move goes off without a hitch. We take care of everything from packing up your items to storing them in a temperature-controlled environment until it comes time to move them into your new home.

Be careful with your valuables. For all your moving needs (including storage) contact us today at Matco Moving solutions. You don’t have to move alone, make an appointment for a quote and keep your move easy and stress-free.

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