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They’re small, portable, and usually, don’t have any fancy technology built into them, but the books in your library can still be one of the more challenging parts of your move. Without a little organization and planning, your books can easily become the most time-consuming and difficult parts of your move.

Before the residential movers arrive, be sure to have your books ready for them. By following these simple tips, you can make moving your library a breeze.

Use small boxes
Although each one of your books probably doesn’t weigh that much, if you add enough of them together they get pretty heavy. Be sure to pack books in smaller boxes. It will take more trips to get the boxes in the van but the lighter weight will make it go more easily.

Put two layers of tape on the bottom of your boxes
For the same reason you should put your books in small boxes, you should also be sure to solidly tape any boxes that have books in them with at least two layers of tape. If you’re using recyclable boxes or reusing boxes from your last move, you may want even more.

Line each box with paper
To protect your books from being thrown about and bent, you should line each box with packing paper. If you’re planning to put these boxes in storage, this paper will also keep dust away from your books.

Sort your books by size
Packing books is a great way to brush up on your geometry skills. To use the most space in each box it’s best to put books of relatively (if not exactly) the same size in each box. That way there will be no wasted space, which means fewer trips to get the job done.

Always place books as regularly as possible
When deciding how to place books in a box, pick a style and stick with it. Whether you’d like to stack them as you would on a shelf or place them with the front toward the ground, what’s important is that they’re all going in the same direction.

Fill in any gaps with packing paper
No matter how much you plan, you won’t be able to fill the boxes perfectly. If you do find any gaps, you should fill them with packing paper to stop the books from sliding around when the residential movers carry them.

If you’re planning to put some books into storage, be sure to put them in a climate controlled facility. Moisture can damage the pages, which can be disastrous for expensive or rare books.

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