How to Move Perishable & Pantry Food Items

If you’re planning out the logistics of your upcoming residential move, one thing you’ll need to consider is what to do with your food items. Not only are there the things in your fridge and pantry to think about, but many of us also have one or more freezers stocked full of frozen foods.

Groceries are expensive but the majority of Calgary and Edmonton movers won’t transport perishable items. So what’s a family moving to a new home to do? Here are your options.

Packing Pantry Items

When moving food, pantry items are the easy part. Glass jars should be packaged like typical breakable items – wrap in paper and place upright in a box of crushed packing paper for padding. Canned goods are less of a worry but do need special attention. When packing, be sure to not overload the box as canned goods can be quite heavy to transport. When moving in the cold Alberta winters, opting to consume the items is the simplest option. Matco, along with other moving companies, will not move boxes with canned or jarred goods in the winter. These items are susceptible to deformation, opening or potentially exploding in the sub-zero temperatures.

Consume Perishables Before You Move

Depending on how much you’ve stocked in your freezer, it may or may not be feasible to just thaw and cook what you’ve accumulated. Of course, the sooner you get started before your move, the more doable this becomes. For this preferred method, planning ahead and being prepared for your move is key! One possibility is to take detailed inventory and make a meal plan that allows you to use up what you have over the coming weeks or months. If the food amounts to more than you and your family can possibly consume, you can always entertain or even host a going away party.

Transport It All to Your New Home

If you wish, you can take your food items with you to your new home. The easiest and most affordable method is to get one or more coolers loaded up with ice and fill them with your food. Of course, this is only practical if you’re getting to your new home by car and are moving locally. If you’re flying or moving long distance, it won’t work.

Give It Away to Friends and Neighbours

Unfortunately, most soup kitchens and food banks only accept donations of non-perishable items. This is a great option if your pantry is fully stocked. Of course, if you know a family in need—seniors on a limited income and single mothers can often use a leg up—then, by all means, extend your charitable instinct towards these people by giving them your food items. Otherwise, family members, friends and neighbours are the most likely beneficiaries of any food you choose not to take with you.

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