There are many things to consider and plan for when making a long distance move, especially during a global pandemic. Here are 5 common long distance moving mistakes and how to avoid them.

Booking Your Long Distance Moving Date Too Close To Your Moving Date

The earlier you can schedule your move in advance, the better the outcome will be. When you schedule ahead of time, you have a greater chance of securing the dates you want. Once your move is booked, you can start planning other important dates like travelling and accommodations while your shipment is in transit.

Long distance movers such as Matco Moving Solutions will guarantee your packing and loading dates at the time of booking. They will also provide you with a Transit Time Guide (TTG) which is a range of dates your shipment will deliver within. When you move with Matco, you will be provided with a personal Move Manager who will track and keep you informed on the status of your shipment.

Underestimating How Long It Takes To Pack For Your Long Distance Move

Once you receive your room by room inventory from your long distance mover, you’ll probably start to formulate an estimate of how long it will take you to pack. It’s a good idea to tack on about a few more hours to that initial estimate so that you’re not frantically packing the night before your moving day. It’s common for customers to call their moving company a few days before the move and ask for packing services. Typically, the movers can accommodate you if there is enough notice, but it’s a good idea to book packing services when you are scheduling your move dates.

A great service long distance movers offer is packing. Typically you can choose between a full-service pack or a partial pack. Movers can come in a day or two before moving day and typically pack up your entire house. Depending on the packing services you choose, the movers will supply the boxes, tape and paper and professionally pack and secure your items.

Not Taking Time To Declutter & Donate Items Before Packing

A major reason why you should set aside a large amount of time for packing is because you’ll want to decide which items you might want to donate or sell prior to moving. A smaller inventory of items to be packed will result in your move being completed faster and at a lower cost.

A move is a wonderful way to declutter and donate items you no longer need for your new home. We suggest making 3 piles: one for “donations”, another for “selling”, and the third for “items to keep”.

“Letting your neighbors know when the moving truck is scheduled is a positive courtesy they will always remember.”

Failing To Communicate Your Move to Your Neighbors

It’s a common courtesy to let your neighbors know when you’ll be moving so that they can prepare for any noise or packing logistics which may occur once the moving truck and moving team arrives. This is even more important for your neighbors at your new home. Take the time to introduce yourself and give them advance notice when possible. This courtesy will set the tone for your relationship with your new neighbors.

Forgetting About Storage Options Ahead Of Your Long Distance Move

Depending on your long distance move, you’ll likely find storage services to be a helpful part of your moving experience. You might encounter challenges with your possession date, with your lease or you might not have found a home yet. When discussing your long distance move with your moving consultant, it’s a good idea to inquire about their storage services.

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