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Bonded Storage and Moving Solutions Under One Roof

Matco Moving Solutions offers bonded storage and moving solutions for our international customers. A bonded warehouse allows dutiable goods to be stored for a period of time without a duty payment. Our government bonded warehouses are secured facilities, alarmed and monitored 24 hours a day for complete protection. This guarantees your valuable possessions are kept safe for the duration of the entire customs clearance process. Once cleared, Matco can proceed with the moving of your goods to your new dwelling. We have bonded warehouses in Calgary, Edmonton and Yellowknife. Please complete your booking as soon as possible, with at least 48 hours in advance. Contact us today for a free estimate about our bonded storage service.

The Benefits of Bonded Warehouses

Both individuals and businesses can benefit from our bonded storage units. Because of the deferred payments, no tax has to be paid until the goods are cleared to enter the marketplace. This allows goods to be imported and stored well before they're needed. Businesses are able to fulfill orders in advance, while individuals are able to inspect high-value import items before they're purchased and cleared. If you're importing goods into Canada, bonded storage is a definite advantage!